Synthesizers and Effects

Music from Outer Space:

If you are looking to delve deeper into building you own synth I highly recommend Ray Wilson’s page The following are all based on his designs with mostly only aesthetic decision from me.

Noise Boxes:

The MFOS Noise toaster was one of the first “synthesizers” that I built. It has a huge range of sound effects and it is hours of fun to play around with.

16-step variable clock sequencer:
This sequencer was probably the most difficult project I have built to date. I ordered the three main circuit boards from MFOS, but I designed my own panel circuit board to decrease the amount of wiring, but there still is an insane amount of wiring back there. I also designed my own regulated power supply based off of Befaco’s power bus.

Circuit Bent Keyboards:

Bontempi Bend:
I was given an old Bontempi by my friend Al. It is a really cheesy sounding old italian keyboard, but with the help of BaumTV and a few tweaks of my own I got some really fun sounds.

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