Apocryphal Productions strives to create worlds that surround and immerse its audience members in an environment of sound and projection. Each installation revolves around the audiences’ reaction and attempts to incorporate it into the performance through different techniques.

Brain Strike

Ever played a game of Risk but instead of rolling dice to see who wins you challenge your opponent to see who can concentrate harder? Brain Strike uses single point EEG to measure attention and concentration in order to achieve world domination.

Cartesian Theater

invites an audience member or a performer to control the environment simply by thinking. Using an array of EEG sensors sounds and projections evolve as certain brainwaves peak in response to the stimulus of the room.

Condensed and Falling in Separate Drops

in collaboration with Mélodie Melak, CFSD creates compositions in space by utilizing the resonant frequencies of a room and combines them with sound generated by plants. The audience is invited to travel through the room and experience how tones and harmonies fade and interact in different ways throughout the room.

Eck an Car

is a performance installation that allows a musical language to be learned and developed by three performers. No one performer has the ability to use the entire language, but must feed their portion into the chain of events and allow it to evolve through the other performers creating unique musical communication.

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