Eck an Car

“Eck an Car is a chain of events that circumvents the process of change.” Puppetmaster (Brian Kiel), Trained Chimp (Big Daddy Mugglestone), and Ex-Cop (Ian Douglas-Moore) each play part in shaping the audio and visual events that cycle through their stations. Using midi programming and interfaces mixed with analog filters and delays, Eck an Car create a clusterflux of sensorial overload where no one is sure who is doing what.

Eck an Car was the beginning of creating interactive environments.  Created during a residency in ausland in 2012, we used MAX/MSP to create midi triggers that were feed into a communication chain that were then played via a midi drum kit.  The output from the midi drums was then further manipulated in a series of analog filters and feed back into the programming chain to trigger the next chain of events.

Eck Max Patch

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