Pursuing a passion to create everything from the bottom up here are some of the builds, as well as some circuit bends, that I have created for various projects. I am trying to document the process more and more. Some of the older builds only have a few pictures, but for the newer ones I hope to start putting up tutorials and really give a more in depth view of the process that goes into each thing.


There have been many projects over the years and each puppet performance inspires a new design. Building stages, hand puppets, animation armatures, robotic armatures, lighting and more. I started with converting dolls and then moved on to paper mache to sculpting and molding and now I am starting to using 3D printing and servo motors to create whole new worlds of detail.

Film and TV

I have done work for various projects in Berlin from special effects to set building. I enjoy the challenges of collaborating to realize someone else’s vision. Sometimes working in the realm of the realistic building a TV studio for Correct!v and sometimes fanciful, creating a mask that gives you hammerhead vision for Sam Donovan, it always tests my skills to work with other peoples aesthetics and ideas.

Synthesizers and Effects Generators

I started building my own electronics to have simple noise generators for sound effects, but as time went on it became more and more of an obsession. There are low-fi noise boxes, circuit bent keyboards, modular synthesizers, a sequencer, a couple of EEGs.


After getting heavily involved electronics I turned it back into the puppets and began augmenting the puppet performances with robotics and building automata. Dead Weight features one and the proscenium head also.

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